I’m Sergio your online detective,and I’m here to protect your integrity when it comes to Affiliate Marketingwin_20160927_14_48_40_pro

I have been working online for the past 5 years…it dates back in 2011 when I wast just about to discover the

possibilities of earning online through Multi Level Marketing and Affiliate marketing.

I spent what little money and time I had learning how to use the internet to use it to My advantage to really master in hopes of one day create a successful business which I could provide for My family back then the crash of 2008 had happened just a few years before and I was really struggling to make hands meet and provide for My newborn son and My freshly made life of being married.

I had no experience

I had no help.

“But  I had a Dream and Had to Make it a Reality Soon”

I knew others were making money on the internet back then MCA was Booming,So I need it to figure what other’s was doing and making it work for Me.

Seriously other’s were making money and I knew if I learn what they were doing I could really provide for My family why not since when I set out to do something there’s no one stopping Me.I had a dream.

Then I go to work and this is how the year’s look like when I started.

First Year

First MLM gig I had it was with motor club of America everyone was posting on facebook constantly and Making videos telling My story But Fail so fast I did not know not even to make a website let alone rank it on the first page of Google,I was new to the Internet and had no help and no direction.

And I fail I only lasted 6 months promoting MCA.But I did make 3 sales

Second Year

Then I join another MLM company it was new to the Industry it was Empower Network.

and was excited on this new gig and set out to learn more than before but soon realized all they wanted in Empower Network was My hard earned cash and again Fail.

But learned something new which was building WordPress sites.

Third Year

Then I was failing but learning on this process and starting learning paid advertising the I came across Google Sniper and learned tons there.

But I wasn’t making any real money on the internet just yet,this year especially I dedicated to learning and mastering everything what Google Sniper instruct  Me and starting applying it to My local business and I was making progress.

By now I knew some SEO,web development and Keyword research and of course some paid advertising.

Fourth Year

This year was especially exciting and full of surprises when I had applied what I had learned in the  previous year’s and the I was getting more commissions ,Thank’s to Google sniper and everything I had learned from the past.

My life started improving with some extra income provided by Me learning a thing or two about  marketing which I learned with Google Sniper.

And started seeing results online with my business online thanks to the hard work and dedication and the lessons learned which transformed into a new set of skills.

Fifth Year

But Wealthy Affiliate took My Business to new Levels  and now I network There.In terms of learning SEO,Marketing,PPC,Webmasters Tools,Local Search Marketing.And starting My Local SEO and Marketing company in My hometown.

We are constantly Learning through Webinars every Friday,You replay them also.

What We learn We head to applying it right away.Honestly, I don’t need to go somewhere to learn Marketing,Since everything need it to learn is situated Here at WA.

Now You can say I have achieved everything and been making some decent cash that has to allow Me to provide for My family and My 5-year-old son.

Now I can say I know enough to be able to provide some lessons and skills,and especially direction and of course mentoring.

I’m still learning every day Because I’m a part of a close and friendly community which offers support and guidance to new members even if,You are a complete seasoned marketer or have been marketing for years We can teach You some set of new skills too.

And yes, I can say I make some $5,000 0r  each month,not counting My trade or to say My local Business nothing fancy just been real with YOU

Step forward 6 years I have seen it all

  My social entrepreneur hangout.See My Wealthy Affiliate Review Here

If You would like to join me and thousands of members ready to guide You and teach how You to  create a success story like Mine and of course an online business You can register here and create Your starter account free this is where We interact and talk online business and coming with new ideas.

This is where I network with others and offer help each and every day with people like yourself.

I work hard but I have a life that I control and be My own boss I wake up whenever or just take the day off to spend time with My family and travel. And of course research on the latest marketing strategies.

Again I’m Sergio wonderful to meet You and if You want to reach Me for any reason feel free to contact Me if You ever need some guidance and assistance about My Social entrepreneur hangout.You can drop a comment below or You can always get in touch with Me,via Wealthy Affiliate.com (Here’s a link to My profile)

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