Affiliate Marketing Scams Online to Avoid

Affiliate Marketing Scams Online to Avoid

Tired of being scammed online,Here within this article I will be going Affiliate Marketing Scams Online to Avoids.In today’s world especially on the internet are tremendous opportunities as well as tons of scammy products,Hopefully, I can guide You to the best ways to avoid being scammed online.

Yes I was scammed too many times with promises of get rich quick later finding out that I was being scammed and

Affiliate Marketing Scams Online to Avoid
We all been There

wasted some hard earned cash in the process.And left Me where I have started the beginning.

Felt frustrated and thinking that everything that I came across on the web was an absolute scam.

Since everywhere I looked there were too many fishy opportunities and with time I learned to spot a scam from miles ago.Now when I see an opportunity I can easy find out if it’s a total dud or legit.

Below are some examples that I have come across and will be writing about.

Get rich Quick Method?

The get rich quick scam designed for just about anybody looking to make a quick buck without even working.Or little investment.

They tell You this fairy tale that You can accomplish Your every need just by buying something that is not proven to work.

Flashy video sales page with tons of so called proof that they actually making big bucks,and so many testimonials of persons telling their experiences with the system how they were broke not too long ago and now they earn six figures a month by simply touching the system for 5 minutes.

So this to some people will actually have some of You hooked because the current situation in the economy today and most of the people expecting results within days without actually working for at least two hours and the promises pitched on the video sales page and testimonials and on top of that You being frustrated desperately wanting to improve.

Your current situation bam You fall for it.right.

Little investment It seems like this opportunity is the real deal and just what You were looking for.

Finding out later that with so little investments come tied with some magnificent and costly upsells.Or in order to fully work it needs tons of leads which You will only get through

their so called highly responsive mailing list that it’s updated regularly.And suddenly that little investment turn into a high-end ticket to Your credit card or You asking friends or relatives for a loan that You will not be able to repay due to the monthly subscription.

And More leads to buying for Your so call magic millionaire opportunity and ends up backfiring on You with high costs and recurring monthly bill.Thus far failing miserably in the process and living You where You had started Broke.

And tons of debt.To a point of not talking with relatives due to not been able to repay their loan made to You

Luxurious Mansion and Luxury Cars

This is another type of scam very popular on the web and consists of the one above ,But involves fast cars and big

Affiliate Marketing Scams Online to Avoid
We all want fast cars

mansions and the same promises of getting rich quick without even working or touching the system and this will have some of You on the edge .

Because we live in the world that demands fast proof and fast results and dreams of making it big with so little or no work at all today’s generation I call them the lazy and wanting big results without working.

And tell You this promises of getting rich quick and banking just like the ones promoting it But what most people don’t realize is this is just playing into people’s frustration and how the world is today.We want everything and become rich quick.

With so little work or investment.

That’ how they get us to buy their crap and they know that we live sometimes frustrated with our current situation and want results immediately.

MLM Type 

Multi-level Marketing is just another example of some scams floating on the web and what makes this one another scam is the type of business MLM is only beneficial to the top of the line, not You.

It consists of monthly subscription and so many levels But You start from the first level as You continue climbing levels those levels get more and more expensive and the lessons are pure crap,No valuable lessons or training just another extension of the whole system and they said if You get all the levels Your business will be automated and making big bucks .

And the one ,making all the cash is the one at the top, not You.

And in order to get some commissions paid to You need to invest also into leads or some capture pages or auto-responders and on top You monthly subscription and end up spending more of what You actually making.

And the basic training is to be posting on social network sites which are designed for that to socialized not selling or tagging,bothering friends and family.That’s why so many fails and be broke at the end Because they do what everybody is doing but actually only so little actually making big bucks.

Need constantly recruiting in order to make some money.

Trust me I was there and been there and done it too,I have been networking for the past five years and I have seen it all and done it all.

Success is a very cumulative process that takes time and is the only way to really make some big bucks online and constantly updating and refining You marketing skills and constantly learning new methods of marketing,Success does not happen overnight it sometimes takes months or for others takes years all we have to do is stay focus on our dreams of one day making it big

But for this to happen You need to learn some especial skills and be willing to learn and implement the skills learned and be constantly working towards Your goal.

Without a goal, We simply will not work and we will not have a desire to learn.

Hopefully, this article will open Your eyes to spot some of the common scams on the web floating around And will help make a good understanding when it comes to some of the most common scams out there,without the proper knowledge sometimes we jump to an opportunity that is designed to take our hard earned cash.

Always be careful when an opportunity appears in front of You does it have a fishy sales page,or does it have fast cars luxurious mansions,tons of testimonials that are actually and usually some people that work or are in that person’s circle or perhaps his downline.

I’m sure that You have learned some of the most common and obvious scams online today and also learn how to spot one from miles away.

You can always be free to comment and leave

your thoughts and if have more to add to this article feel free to post it in the comment section Good comments and bad comments are welcome as this makes Me make more clear and precise decisions when writing more articles and thank You for the reader.

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