Google Ranking Factors SEO Checklist

That’s right read this before Your competitor does on Google Ranking Factors SEO Checklist.want to learn what Google looks for in websites to make them rank.And is not justGoogle Ranking Factors SEO Checklist Keyword’s.There’s more to it than keyword’s and keyword stuffing is a process that anyone can do even My 10-year-old son.

So want to get some traffic to Your offer or local business and By now You are frustrated Because You haven’t made a dime in Your current online business.Stop Today I will teach You ways to get Your site in front of persons looking for Your business opportunity or simply want more leads into Your current MLM business.

 Learn Before Your Competition Does Keep Reading Below?

Yes is so easy that actually, My 10-year-old son can actually do it if I teach Him what I’m about to write here this is some real generating traffic tactics, cameThat Your Grandma can actually learn too.So let Me tell You a short story about How I was able to learn and decipher this and it did come from thin air.

Not too long ago I venture into MLM business and like You or most of the people by now I didn’t had any idea about ranking or just building a website.

No body helped Me not even My sponsor and learned it all By trial and error,B ut I was making progress and also buying some expensive SEO guides that only left Me with no valuable information or lessons on getting some ranking to get and generate some traffic to My offer.But to make that story short 5 years down the road I can rank anything and everything.

Here’s the proof How to Ranking in Google Search

You will Learn (SEO) in 15 Minute or Less?

In order to rank on Google You need (Own and Self Hosted Domain)(low competition keywords),(SEO) ( Content) to get the trust from Google in order to get some ranking and forgot one is Always have fresh content in order to gain trust from Google.

That’s basically the blueprint to high rankings and I will explain every single one.First need to buy Your own domain in order to get some SEO juice and for Your website to be trusted for domain names is simple what is Your site theme in plain English what You will talking or writing on Your website.Is it Marketing or going to do affiliate marketing this is to promote other companies product in order to get some commissions if so.What Type of products are this remember Your domain name has to be closely related to Your website.

In order to come up with keyword Ideas We need to do some research and look for a keyword that You are interested to start with You root idea and root keyword that does not mean that the keyword You chose is the one You will buy a domain for this is to start with something in order to get ideas.

Next go to any keyword tool just to do some research if that keyword has searches monthly(persons searching or We say typing that keyword and how many time is being search every month.For this step I have a video walk through below.


Once You are done with the process of choosing a low competition keyword that has some monthly searches the that’s where You need to buy a domain for that keyword if the domain is taken just ad something to the end.And in order for Your website to be an open shop 24 hours a day and 365 a year You will need to get Hosting for Your domain If never done this I suggest You buy the hosting and domain in the same place.

to save You some trouble with adding the DNS server to Your domain if You get it somewhere else and hosted in another company.And create a WordPress site this are great for beginners and there’s no need to do some web development since this can made within minutes and there’s no coding or some extra stuff to make it work and plus this are very Google friendly for SEO purposes.

Content Creation 

Before We go into the SEO factor You need to understand that Google loves unique  and very relevant to the keywords being used.So focus more in Your content and don’t worry too much on keywords.Also do not copy and paste content from another websites this will hurt Your SEO and search results on the first pages and You lucky even if You rank with copied content.

Remember when I said trust from Google well don do this and stop being lazy and get to work in creating content for Your website.

Also the content should be at least 1,200 words per post, optimize article or page on Your website.We want rankings and the more content that Your website has the more ranking You will have on the SERPS.

Don’t get someone to make Your articles or reviews as You never know if the content is original since people tend to make copies of articles when You get them in Fiverr.

Always focus on Your content and forget the keywords all You need is one keyword for Your title and in the first sentence when You start Your review, article or page.

The more natural Your content is the better is for a person to understand.Use spaces when writing content.Try to make short paragraphs this will help get You content gets read and will not bother the reader it will make Your content seem less that it actually is in return will be very easy to read.Have You heard online when people say content is king and this is actually true?

Unique content, short paragraphs and spaces all of this with Your keyword and some good images plus internal links within Your website is the king and if You create this regularly fresh unique and focusing on the content itself and not on the keywords Google will actually see Your site as a Good one that follows Google guidelines and in return Google will give You rankings.

But don’t forget your website is not the only one competing in the search results so stay with this blueprint always and will see the results later.

Using Images for SEO

Using images for SEO purposes and get some traffic from images after You have done Your article and the content Your domain and hosting created Your website including the name of Your website the same as Your domain name the next step is to optimize Your images in Your articles and pages using only the keyword used for a page when You wrote Your content.

For example, if You created a post, article or page on Your site then for each article or post You optimize Your images with the keyword that You used for any given post article.

This article is about ranking in Google and My keyword is this one here(How to Ranking in Google Search)So within My images I’m using this keyword throughout My images the name for each image here in this post is How to Ranking in Google Search.

If someone is looking for this type of pictures about ranking on Google the will find My picture and will be linking back to My website.Extra free traffic generated from pictures.

In order to do this in WordPress You will need to do this step always for Your images.Example Below
How to Ranking in Google Search

Just like that and that’s all You need to optimize You pictures on WordPress website.

Internal links 

Links are another way on getting You actual content to be linked to another pages or post within Your website and Google see’e this as a plus for ranking purposes and actually loves internal links on websites.specially on blogs that are full of content to the reader.Internal links are just a way of expanding Your existing content within Your website the more internal links the better.

That’s how Google works and what it expects from sites that are ranking on the first pages.So whenever a spider comes down to Your site and see’s links that go to other pages or posts and the keywords linked are related to the article or page.

Please don’t use external links which can sometimes can hurt Your rankings.


Create a Analytic account to study Your audience and how they behave on Your site in order to learn from Your audience and where they come from and what are using to go to Your website, If they using movil phone, tablets,or computers.

And how many of Your visitors are coming from the search(organic Search people typing Your keyword when they do a search)

Also create a Webmasters Tools account for Your site to be monitored and submit a XML site map, Verify Your site and find if Your site has any errors that could be preventing people from finding Your site.

You can integrate You Analytics account with Your Webmasters Tools acc.

Also down the road You can actually have and submit a article or post to be indexed in the Webmaster tools in order to rank quickly and not wait on Google bots to index Your site which this happens every 24 days and sometime You don’t want to wait for Your post to be index and then rank.

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