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Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Software Review

Productivity: 80-100
How Much Will I Pay: 97 dollars 
Owners: Spencer Haws
Domain Name:

How to get  Long Tail Pro Overview

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research SEO (search engine optimization) tool that helps you to find long tail keywords that you can easily rank for in the search engines.

Long Tail Pro, a keyword research software that helps find low competition keywords known as low hanging fruit keywords that can be very easy to rank and get tons of traffic.This software has many features like gathering data from the search engines and discovering low competition keywords that basically no one is using and in return You can potentially rank with ease or a matter of days, not weeks.

Very easy to use interface there’s no need to be technical savvy to use the software, But what really makes this software a winner is the ability to integrate results from other keyword research tools and basically find new low competition keywords.

This is ideal for bloggers or marketers relying on organic traffic to pull them into Your sales funnel this could be a game changer.For any person using the long tail pro software.

Want to get some rankings without working hard to find keywords that will rank high in the SERPS.This tool will make keyword research another walk in the park.

Also, it can work if have a small business wanting some desired ranking for their products, what everAlso for someone starting g as a blogger or any marketer looking for new ways of traffic.

Long Tail Pro Platinum automatically calculates a simple 0-100 score to whatever keyword has a chance of getting high onto the SERPS, And very easy to comprehend the results given for any given keyword that You might want to do research on or to take it from there on Your initial keyword research.

Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Software



  • Keyword Research is very fast comparing with market samurai, find up to 800 keywords per seed keywordLong Tail Pro Keyword Research Software with the ability to capture thousands of keywords in a matter of seconds.
  • Instantly find these keywords that most of the persons online are searching constantly each month.
  • Without the necessity to go to Ad Words keyword planner.Or to expand Your search for any keyword that You can come across with alphabet soup technique.

Competitor Analysis,

  • Save tons of hours looking where Your competition ranks with long tail pro search analysis tool, You can Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Softwaredo countless research on Your competition and use the information provided by Long Tail Pro, To match against Your competing websites by simply doing and using their secrets that make them rank and quickly outrank Your competition with content or some back links.Also use their exact Meta Keywords, word count, links on their site, and Keyword density.
  • Bet You did not know that one.

Par-Per-Click Analysis

  • What people are actually paying for their keywords on their ads when people are searching.This is a big factor for gathering data that will determine if any given search market could be a very lucrative one.
  • Or just a waste of time, effort and most important of all money.

Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Software

Real Time Filtering

  • Filter and gather data from keywords that are been searched in real time, Providing results of hyper-targeted real results happening live based on the criteria You set for any category or keyword searched.
  • Filter by keyword or CPC bid local or global, monthly searches, advertiser competition and overall competitiveness.

Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Software

Exact Match Domain Check

  • It will bring all the data from all over the web to find if there’s an exact matching domain for any given keyword been searched and analyzed.This is very good for marketers that make a website product review around a particular product offer from all the affiliates companies this for ranking purposes and to get the first results of the big three search engine.
  • If a .com is available for any given keyword of Your choice or .org.
  • So You don’t waste lots of time looking for any given domain available on any Registrars companies and use the time to complete or to research the topics for any given site that will be made around any product.

Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Software

Adding Notes

  • This is to come up with good ideas on how You can use any particular keyword.
  • So You can sort the keywords that have a note added to any particular keyword searched and make it easy to find it to continue with Your research.

Rank Checker

  • This is the ideal tool to have for any marketer or a newcomer to the industry to get and find where Your sites are ranking in a matter of seconds type the keyword and domain of Your site and Long Tail Pro, will gather all the information to see where Your sites are ranking in seconds.
  • This built in the tool will monitor Your sites to get always the best results for Your sites and see where are they ranking on the big three major search engines.

Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Software

Export Results

  • Finally when You are finished researching You data or researching for any particular client simply export Your findings and send them to whoever or save them.
  • All You need to do is push a button or two and export Your findings onto Your clipboard.


  • I don’t think it has for YouTube competition keyword analysis since.

Who Long Tail Pro Is It for?

  • Internet marketers
  • SEOs
  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Product Creators
  • Offline Businesses
  • Niche Marketers
  • eCommerce Stores
  • Social Media
  • Paid Advertisers
  • Content Marketers

For just about anyone looking to get some search results for any of these types of business or someone interested in getting ranks easy and with little effort to gather the appropriate information on any given keyword.Look no further on any other type of keyword suggestion tools on the market.

I also recommend Jaaxy it has the same features that long tail pro but with a twist.See My Jaaxy review Here

What makes You rank on the SERPS is basically a good keyword with tons of content within Your article or target keyword and I mean no Keyword stuffing plus some Internal links.and some natural backlinks, of course, nothing forced.

If have a WordPress site here what You can do to improve Google rank, or want to have live keywords being search daily check this article if have a Sports site or entertainment Blog, Or don’t have the money to buy Long Tail Pro, Here’s what You can do to find keywords with low competition only.


Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Software is that a software and it comes with the regular video modules on how to do a market research and keyword research.

Only how to use it’s features and how to target Your audience with some long tail keywords.


  • When You sign into the yearly program which is 352 dollars a year You get some additional tools like log tail university and same this is where You can expand Your marketing know-how and the Same Id is to help You discover if You can compete in any niche using this tool that automatically brings results on any given niche and to see if You can have a chance of competing.
  • Using the Same ID, you can search for sites that share the same Google Analytics ID, Adsense Code, Amazon Affiliates ID, IP Address,


Support is great just like any online software in order to get Your issue taken care off You need to submit a ticket for any technical difficulties or problems You having with the software.

Also, there’s a search bar where You can input Your question if having trouble with some issues on the software that c an be fix really easy step by step showing You how to fix the most common issues regarding this software.

Other than that there are almost no issues when running the software all the issues are due to people not going thru the video modules and get right into the keyword research without getting familiar first with the software.

In order to get familiarized with all its features and to have a better chance and understanding to get maximum results when doing a certain keyword research.


Long Tail pro is just $97 dollars 

Long Tail pro Platinum price starts with a one dollar trial in order to get the full access to its features after that trial expires You can decide to continue with it or not.If continue using the software each month You would need to pay a bill of $27 dollars a month.

Or get the $1 dollar trial offer and if You love it simply pay an annual subscription of $397 dollars

Summarized overview

Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Software ReviewLong Tail Pro Keyword Research Software

Productivity: 80-100
How Much Will I Pay: 97 dollars 
Owners: Spencer Haws
Domain Name:



This is what every marketer should have when doing and competing on a very competitive world of marketing if want to always stay on top of the competition or to get under Your competition and suddenly appear out of nowhere and leave them behind I would highly recommend the Long Tail pro-Keyword Research Software.

Or if You want to start blogging You need a software that can provide You with real-time searches data in order to get on the SERPS in a short period of time.

And generate all the data if focusing on researching data from keywords that can be very profitable when running Your Ads.

Simply is a tool that can have many benefits for Your marketing campaigns and career, Is a must have a little piece that anybody can use since is very easy, reliable and with tons of data that You can get doing search analysis or just to find keywords for Your articles or keywords for perhaps videos. You never know what can this software can do for Your marketing career if at least You don’t give this a try.

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