Is CB passive income 3 a scam

is cb passive income a scam

Program Name_CB Passive Income 3.0is cb passive income a scam
Productivity 40 out of 100
How Much Will I Pay: 37 a month or 197 one time
Owners: Chan Patric

This system is CB passive income 3 a scam claims You can copy this same system and profit just by doing what they already were done.It claims is so easy to manage and create opt-in pages with ease, experienceWithout needing some coding experienced marketer.Is for anyone they say.Generating autopilot income just whit a push of a button or clicks.

But in order to give You the in’s and out’s of the system We had to really study this system with a hawk eye and by doing this We were able to come to our best decision on this system is CB passive income 3 a scam

CB Passive Income 3.0 Overview

It starts with it’s owner a guru named Patric Chan updated his version on this one with some extra features but inIs Product CB Passive Income 3.0 a Scam terms the system stays the same as always.In this new version CB Passive Income 3.0 Has added  it some extremely cheesy software Al Opt In Detector and some extra pages to it’s current version and has given it a new upgrade he says.

Very congruent with Click Bank products with outrageous claims of success within hours of their purchase and with extremely low quality and some very unethical ways of doing business some of them they even claim on the training that their ways of marketing are sometimes no very good within the industry and caution You If Implementing this same strategies.

And that’s why I do not recommend some Click Bank products Because the lack of integrity within some of the products creators.

If this guy claims some outrageous results with His system, Why He is even selling it to Me this is very fishy in deed.This Gurus and their claims of success with some push button systems.Honestly If want to be very good at marketing I recommend study the industry and apply all the techniques that someone with honesty and integrity has to offer.

As sometimes when I come across this types of scams makes Me laugh.



  • He actually works for You and created all the system
  • they are few good lessons inside the program
  • Bonuses for the first 100 customers
  • Click Bank offers a 60 day money back policy guarantee but it will be a hurdle to get Your money from click bank.


  • testimonials are very fake common with marketers from EN with some crafted testimonials or outrageous claims of success.
  • He claims that he actually teaches some of his clients for free, But once inside You will see that He only wants You cold hard cash.
  • Need to pay high ticket price for other levels or training lacking any substance, or valuable information.
  • There are tons of up sell down sell and some tricky ways to get Your money He sees You as a dollar sign and He really don’t care of Your success online neither to say teaching You ways of marketing Your business the right way.
  • Misleading information like always from the Guru’s and some bad habits.
  • Sales page video with outrageous claims of how easy it is to make money online, Trust Me it takes a very dedicated person sometimes years to succeed online.

Is Product CB Passive Income 3.0 a Scam

Who is CB Passive Income 3.0 For?

This is recommend for other Gurus so they can suck their wallet dry.Is not for newbies as He claims and You will be putting tons of money before You can see a dime.

Honestly this types of products are designed for seasoned marketers and ruthless like the ones at EN.

So if You are a newbie to this industry I suggest You look other ways.This is not for any persons this is more incline for people with money to spit out on a crappy system ready to suck You wallet and Your bank dry.If want to avoid getting scammed online

Cb Passive Income Tools / Training

Tools are fine but not fit for newbies they help You make awesome pages and monetize You target audience, But it is unecessary for beginners.

Also they tell You to ignore some of the crucial steps in building Your website and content, Which this are the structure of Your website and the most beneficial aspects when creating content which content is the big aspect of the picture and the one that is going to be a very high ranking factor for your website.

The training is focus as always to promote the same system which sometimes is good if the system actually offers valuable lessons and information..

But with this types of systems the training  and some of the tools and not to mention the lessons suffer from valuable sources of information.


The support like always with these types of systems is slow and takes time to get response from the owner or support team.You would be lucky enough if You get support right away.This can be stressful most of the time when it takes quite some time to get thing cleared and back to business as usual.

But this comes with most of the click bank products which most of the times are made by one person and usually don’t have the a support team on their hands, So taking long to get Your issues answered or taken car.

I suggest checking out Wealthy Affiliate which You can get tons of support from their owners and within the community read My wealthy Affiliate review here


$37 each month with some up sells and down sells or $197 one time payment with the all too familiar up sells and down sells.Which in a final price ranges because of the up sell and down sells.

But to start is 37 a month or a one time payment for a whooping 197 it’s a lot for this type of systems and what it has to offer.And plus need to also buy leads for Your opt in pages in order to make some money back right away if You get lucky in having some sales.

But in short review this is what You will be spending on the system from the get go.

Also be aware of the bombarded with up sell down sell and some levels to unlock at a high cost to You.

Summarized OverView

Program Name_CB Passive Income 3.0
Productivity 40 out of 100
How Much Will I Pay: 37 a month or 197 one time
Owners: Chan Patric

CB passive income 3.0 it seems is the same product but with a slight upgrade but still lacking in valuable information and misleading how marketing should really work and how it does.

So for this My insider review this would have some of You thinking is it a scam or legit to me and what it gas to offer,Most of the click bank products are an absolute scam and would only be leaving You with high monthly bills and investing tons of money to get Your campaign up and running.

Final opinion Verdict

When it comes to systems design to get You money and will not teach You the proper way of making money online and to create a substantial long time successful business with lack of support and classes taking You and making You understand how marketing online really works and show You the ways to market properly by implementing techniques and tactics.

Which take some amount of time to come up and really have the science behind marketing online and they are just focus on getting persons money.

And My conclusion of the system is an Absolute……SCAM

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