Jaaxy Scam,I Don’t Think So/See My Jaaxy Keyword Tools Review


Jaaxy Scam,I Don’t Think So/See My Jaaxy Keyword Tools Reviewjaaxy-scam

keywords this topic is very common and sometimes we think we know everything about keywords, when in fact, it’s very simple to do but,sometimes people who do not understand much about how to find  good keywords find it very frustrating, because if they do it wrong your page  will end up in the last pages of google.and your website would not be profitable if in fact, you depend it on your website’s traffic to get conversion’s.

for that, we must have a reliable tool to  help us in searching  for keywords.

Is finding keyword with a trusted keyword research tool?

well, I’ll talk a little about how to search for keywords and what is needed in a winning keyword without much competition,and the  less competition will be our best keyword. And I’ll give you 3 tips on what your winning keyword must have.

The 3 must have’s for a successful keyword?

 1,,low Competition;it doesn’t have to have a lot of competition the greater the competition,the less traffic and very hard to rank high on Google.so if I would to do my research in google keyword tool,i would certainly look for how much traffic that keyword has a month and also how many or how high the competition on the Adword’s is,.and if that doesn’t help But then  I go to google.com and try to search my keyword in a normal manner to see how many result’s google it’s going to bring in second’s.but if I want to really find my competing website’s that are using my proposed keyword then I do the next step.that’s going to tell me exactly how many website’s are using my keyword.I put my keyword in quotation’s something like this

(“how to make money online”)

with that, I would get only the website’s using the keyword that I have in mind.but that sometime’s fail so I rely on this tool called Jaaxy,which is an amazing tool to have in my SEO arsenal.very reliable and never fail’s.

in fact, try jaaxy for free and find out for yourself click here

and it’s very simple to use in fact in Jaaxy all we need to find a good profitable keyword it’s only to look for the QSR number to be under 300,that’s it.seriously,,,,,the QSR allow’s you to the exact competing page’s so simple.and the closer you get the QSR to ZERO the Better.

Search Here 


Once again,the less traffic that our keyword has the better because i would easily rank high and quick in google,but if you get a low traffic keyword’s on your website’s pages and do content only focusing on low traffic and low competition,and trust me they will add up over time and Boom your traffic it’s going to explode.

in fact, with jaaxy we only need the traffic to be at least 50 view’s per month on our keyword.Trust me you will rank faster and the lower the traffic you would easily rank.imagine having keyword’s with 50,100,150 searches a month and you do your content around 100 keywords on your post;s pages etc just do the math,and you would end up ranking for higher keyword;s terms over time,,,,I’m trying to tell you and showing you how to focus your page to be authority website,not a one page, over time with all kind’s of keyword’s.the traffic it’s for sure going to pile up.

3, it has to make sense;

your keyword must make sense.

remember a human being  is going to type on the other end,and stop focusing your content only in the  keywords.the more sense your keyword makes with your related website topic,the much better way you would get indexed.simple and to the point but easy to remember.forget about focusing your content and website and stuffing lot’s of the keyword’s that when someone read’s your content it’s not going to make sense to them.Google work’s and alway’s prefer’s Quality,Unique Content, Reliable with your keyword.

Remember content = Rankings on the big 3 search engine so makes your free Account here

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