Learn Keyword Research for any Niche,Videos or Blog

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Learn Keyword Research for any niche, videos or Blog

Learn keyword research, It’s very simple and anyone can do it.In fact is the easiest steps in SEO that all it takes is just very few moments to come up with new keyworKeyword Research Tutoriald ideas and of course keywords that rank in weeks.

But for some keywords and especially researching is sometimes complicated due to the lack of information and tutorials on the web are only to try to get You to sign Up for an MLM company or selling You software that You really don’t need to do keyword research online.

The search engines provide the tools all there is for You to get familiarized with and be able to understand these tools in order to do a very detailed keyword research.

So I have put together a keyword research tutorial free of charge and full of valuable info.

So for this, I have put a Tutorial And Hope You like it and follow it to the t.

Has everything needed to know when it comes to keyword research to guarantee to rank on first pages?And want to Improve Google ranking on Your website see this article I have Put together.

First some Proof

This is one of many videos I’m ranking for on Google and YouTube now let us go to Google and show You some results from one of My websites.

keywords research tutorialHere’s one of My websites ranking on the big search engine

keywords research tutorial

First Place on the big search engine that has 3.8 billion searches daily.

Now let’s do a local search on My state Texas.

keywords research tutorial

So like I was saying SEO is not complicated at all it takes is some know how and narrow the science behind ranking on the Big # search engines But We want to focus on Google since this is the biggest of them all.


First We got to have a keyword in mind that We want to rank for is it for a website title or just a keyword for a video or for an article.Or just for a niche is it marketing or just for a product.

Need ideas first before we get into the keyword that applies to our topic or article or website title.

If You already have that then We must go into the keyword research with some tools that Google provides and some other methods for maximum success of our chosen keyword.

Let us say We want to rank for a keyword for an article we want to write.

Open a window on Your computer and go to Google.com.then type Your keyword in the search bar and You will find this.

keyword research tutorial seo - Google Search

The keyword typed on the search bar is Keyword Research tutorial SEO, and our competition is (3,74,000 results) but I reality is far  less than our initial search,We must take into consideration that the search engine omits related results this is websites or videos using the same keyword or parts of the keyword that We typed.But that doesn’t mean that this is our true competition.

In order to get the true competition, We must put our keyword is quoted search.(” keyword research tutorial SEO”), Like this

keyword research tutorial

The results went down a little bit but still is no good (756 results)

And again Google narrows down the search and comes out with some less competition but the search engines sometimes gets tricky and still our true competition is not yet real so We must narrow down the result from google and We need to do one more trick in order to get the real competition on Google and to know if this keyword is a good one or just go to find another one.

Like I said before the search engines omit fewer results but this means this is not yet our true competition the search engine still brings related results of websites using the keyword or parts of the keyword in the pages or posts or just some videos using some parts of the keyword as a whole.

Real Competition

We go again and now We do the last step in finding our real competition for our keyword.We scroll don on the page and go to the bottom where there are more pages of the search.

keyword research tutorial

And We simply click until Google brings the last page and There will be our true competition and decide whether We use the keyword or not.The ideal true competition for any given keyword to rank is under (300, Quoted searches).

Sometimes You will find that there are 4 pages up to 30,40 Just keep going until You find the last page and the true competition will be there and most of the times is less than they actually tell You this is an exact competition of websites using the keyword as a whole in their pages, articles or videos, posts, etc.

keyword research tutorial

We went from some 300,00 plus results to 7oo plus results and ended up with only 31 results of the true competition for this keyword and with this results to Me is a winner.

So Now We want to know if our keyword has traffic in order to get visits to our website, videos or articles.

Traffic for Keywords

Now We go to any keyword suggestion tool any keyword tool I mean and We going to do some research on the chosen keyword that has low competition and find out if the keyword has some traffic any traffic.If it has 20,30 searches a month is good.We want to be able to rank with ease and get the first spot of the SERPS.(search result pages)

Keyword Research Tutorial

As You can see this keyword has some good traffic and has low competition and also the keyword tool I’m using also has given Me more related keywords to use as tags in My article besides My main Keyword or simply create more content using this same keyword as a result of using some keywords with very low competition.

I will get insane amount of traffic to My website.

So Once You find a good keyword and move to the traffic for that keyword remember using low traffic keywords as You create more content with this keyword the traffic will snowball and suddenly You will get thousands of visits free of charge only.And very targeted.

So if You want to do this with Google Ad words Keyword Planner  where I go into detailed on researching keywords for YouTube videos

Since I’m part of a community that has tons of tools I can Only show You how to do it the easy way and SEO is not very complicated all You have to know is the basics of Google Guidelines that makes a website rank.

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