What is an Affiliate Marketing Blogger

What is an Affiliate Marketing Blogger

Hi, wondering, How Affiliate Marketing Works Step by Step, Its not very difficult to say how it work, ‘sBut the are ways to make it easier for anyone.First Why You looking into affiliate marketing, To make some desire income along the way on Your venture.

Let Me tell You this sometimes can be very hard to achieve success if don’t have the right mentor or fall pray to MLM, Multilevel and becomes a vicious circle there’s only a right way to affiliate marketing and there’s the Multi-levelMarketing which are Two different sides of the coin.

But affiliate marketing is more rewarding and take’s less to start and sometimes it can become a long a substantial business opportunity.So today I will lay everything on the table and be showing You why affiliate marketing is the right way if choose the right niche to be part of.And how to get started online

As there’s 3.8 billion searches daily on Google search engine and tons of opportunities to monetize Your affiliate business with tons of people looking for what ever You have to sale or say.

Don’t be afraid of trying new ideas or venture into new business opportunities which I will explain Why affiliate marketing is better than MLM.

But in order to achieve everything You set out with goals in mind be prepared to make this a fun ride and sometimes is a long ride But will be fun.

In order to be able to be part of the affiliate marketing family You will have to have You website or blog (why) Because in order to get the commissions You need Your vehicle running online ready to make it to the finish line

Want to get all these steps to affiliate marketing guide.


Having a website serves as Your online shop also serves to make some articles reviews on the products You are goingHow Affiliate Marketing Works Step by Step to be promoting.And in order to reach people all over the globe You have to have it running 24/7 right as there’s 3.5 billion happening world wide on the internet of course We want a piece of this marketing pie.

Also serves as recommending persons You products of any desired company and review those products in order to satisfy the customers questions with certain products looking to buy.

They could be bad reviews or good one’s it don’t matter people want other people to really tell them the goods and the bad about the products of their interest to the buyer.

Before somebody makes the decision on which product to buy and where to buy it from they look for certain reviews to make the purchasing easier because they can find out if the product has reviews as other people talking about their would be product to make sure it is fit for the and their budget.

The Right MentorHow Affiliate Marketing Works Step by Step

In order to get the benefits of someone helping You how to make the website and place it on the first page of the search engines You need someone to guide You to the proper way of optimizing Your site for better results and show You the shortcuts they took in order to achieve your dreams faster.Without You ever needing to trial and error Because the mentor already went trough the stepping stones and has  cleared the way for You.

So this is why the right mentor really going to make this ride a shorter and successful one So You dont go through the same hurdles somebody else went.

The right mentor has the ability to show You and guide You thru all the steps from choosing a niche and how to optimize Your site for better ranking in the search engine and also showing You the right path to niche marketing which sometime can be very competitive.

Also can give You the support You need all the way some marketers all they want is for You to buy their offers and leaving You where You actually started  from the beginning.

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Affiliate Offers

That You don’t have to worry too much since just about everything there’s affiliate programs for any product and all How Affiliate Marketing Works Step by StepYou can do is register and start promoting what ever You choose and just make sure their affiliate programs pays good commissions.

There’s sometimes the companies offer low commissions to their affiliates and the use of cookies only for a 24 hour period.

Make sure they have set a program where they pay good and the use of cookie to longer terms like for example a week or so for their cookie to remain active.

The commissions should be good ones for example at least 25,30,o r 40% and recurring.This means when someone make a purchase of what ever product that there’s a recurring monthly bill in order to make several commissions for the work You have done once.

I would recommend places like JV ZOO or Click Bank this places have a sometimes 50 to 75 % commissions and most of the times have a recurring bill, o this is very good for You Because You will be getting paid several times for working just one.

The use of cookie also play a big role because if they have a program where their cookies are only good for a period of 24 hours and that persons decide to buy the product from Your offer several days after You will not be getting those commissions after all because their cookies have expired.

and You will be left with no customer and zero commissions.

So this is some of the factors regarding affiliate marketing and some of the inner workings on several options of affiliate marketing.

The Niche

Also when choosing a niche make sure You have some knowledge or at leas t You have the passion for it Why Because  is going to be easier for You and You will not be getting bored writing about it.

Make sure there’s some competition and try to get some keywords with low competition and some traffic monthly this is for ranking purposes.Although there might be a very competitive niche there’s ways to make Your niche accessible for Your website and by breaking down Your niche and coming up with subcategories this is when You niche has tons of competition but You can still get some traffic to Your very competitive niche by niching down Your main idea or keyword for any niche.

How do we be niching down or breaking down our niche us very simple.

Just go to any search engine and make Your search for the niche You want and try to get some idea if the niche is competitive or gets traffic.

Then go to any suggestion tool and start experimenting with some of the other searches related to Your main niche and coming up with more precise and related searches that get some traffic and they are not  very competitive in search terms.

Because in order to have a chance of competing at any hard or tough niche You will needing to use You imagination on selecting the proper domain and website title for Your site and also writing articles for Your niche ideas and placing them in the first pages of the SERPS.

As the internet grows so the opportunities and the chances of You  succeeding on any niche there’s no niche that don’t sell every niche sell and all depends on Your imagination to put Your products in from of persons looking for whatever You have to offer.

Don’t be Afraid 

Don’t be afraid if don’t see results in a few weeks which this cannot and it will not happend unless You already are an experience marketer and understand all of this process.

If You are one of this persons looking to get rich quick and not been able to get organize and work constantly then this opportunities are not for YOU.

As success is a accumulative process and it does take some tome to get results from been able to rank on the first pages.

Everything is a process and If You are not able to recognize this then You will not be seeing  results and You would end up leaving everything on the starting point.

Yes I would like to have results within days of Me starting My venture online but I learned that this specially advertising online takes time and soon You will be ripping the benefits of You hard work.

As this is very rewarding also can become very demanding So My suggestion to You is to take everything as one step at a time.

Trust From The Big Search EnginesHow Affiliate Marketing Works Step by Step

Also I was saying that this is a process You cannot make a website and having ranking next day is about trust with Google and this needs to happen naturally in order to have Your website seen by millions of people looking for what ever You have to offer or say to them.

Before any website can rank there’s a process of first getting Your content indexed and also this is a process that take some time to happen.

Google needs to make sure Your website has valuable content and that Your content is helpful to the reader as they have the ability to know and scan Your site for certain things  before Your website can appear in the search results page(SERPS).

I have seen it all since I started online and there’s have been companies come and go the ones that have the MLM structure.This are the ones that I do not recommend to YOU.As this types of companies take advantage of their affiliates and basically don’t have anything good to teach YOU.

So take into consideration of the topics covered here Since I have been online for about 6 years and counting and have seen it all to advertising and promoting this is just a piece of advise to YOU.

This is some of the aspects of affiliate marketing and the things to look for when considering any company or website offer to become an affiliate marketer for any niche.

As this can be a very fun ride also can become a head ache if You don’t do it correctly, so this  is only a few tips on helping You become a marketer and what it takes and how long would be seeing results.

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