What is an Affiliate Marketing Niche

What is an Affiliate Marketing Niche

What is an Affiliate Marketing Niche,is the hot new topic today on the web and is the one proven method.

That really creates long lasting successful stories no matter where You are in the world, if wanting to make affiliate commissions or interested in online marketing “niche marketing”is Your best and only option.

It’s easy and it doesn’t take a lot of money to start Your business online anybody can do it,Even grandpa.

Is better than Multi-level Marketing,Because You don’t depend on recruiting people to Your offer and can create far more income with ads and teaching someone to ease problems in people’s daily life or just improve the quality of their life or simply show them new thing that can be learned  from reading Your content.

All it takes is to have something that You are passionate about and have the will to work day in and day out.

But at the end is very pleasing and rewarding and did I mention can lead to quite some amount of money in Your pocket.

What’s Niche Marketing?

You start by first knowing what are Your interests and where would You be more comfortable writing about and creating Your site around.

Something that You have a Passion for or great knowledge in,Could be You have a great deal of knowledge in motorcycles,Plumbing,or skiing.

Then You find out if there’s an affiliate program designed for whatever You choose to build Your website around,Then the another step is to find if Your Keyword “initial term” has searched a month in Google then You start to breaking Down from Your Initial term,And finding new related :keyword’s that You can use to buy domain if available then Create Your website around that specific broken down term(keyword).

Niche marketing We refer it to where You create websites in some term which is related to something very broad but We actually break down the broad terms and come up with some more specific sub-terms of the original result.

And come up with some good terms which in a term they are called “niches” there’s also some “sub-niches’ which is more precise than a niche.All You do is break down terms for a specific _keyword” and as You are breaking the related terms of the Original search You start coming up with more specific and more targeted terms “keywords” that have fewer searches a month and far less competition.

In that case, You will have a better chance of ranking Your website and generating Organic traffic from the broken down terms.You initially started with.

Once You find Your keyword the logical next step is to get a domain,then hosting and after create Your website,Below is going to be 5 crucial steps for building a very successful niche website.

Keyword Research /Ranking Your Websiteniche affiliate marketing

First Step of the process

This is the first step that we need to be very precise in order to have our website ranked.

And also the backbone of the site,Or We can say the start of Your website foundation in order to have a great deal and be sure that Our website is going to rank high in the first pages of the search engines.

This is where is going to take us more time to find and start the  very first step into building a very optimized website that is going to get tons of free traffic as our sites mature.

If We can come up with something that’s easy to remember or not too complicated or too long if easy to remember will help Us in the branding aspect.

This is a process and You will see results no less than 90 days or less all depends on the competition of the keyword chosen.So be prepared to work and continue working as our sites matures.

After We create our site We must firs create the content after all the previous steps which I’m going to guide You through,Then comes the indexing of Your content little bit after You will see Your rankings improve as the website matures and You create more content like I said is a process and will take some time ,Not years.

Get Domain and Hosting

Second Step

Once we have our winning keyword the next step is to see a domain is available ad don’t worry if the exact domain is not available all you have to do is add something at the end or the beginning for example reviews,marketing or something related to Your keyword or the theme(topic) of Your website and what will be the content about.

Because is going to help Us a lot if we have a keyword for our website domain and has more chances of getting ranked.Plus helps tons in terms of SEO (search engine Optimization)

For me the best place is to get Your domain from Hostgator,which has a very good plan for hosting the one I have is the baby plan which allows, You to get unlimited domains hosted,and You would not have to worry about moving or changing Your domains DNS so it can be hosted by Hostgator.It’s very easy to move from one DNS server to another but if you don’t know how this is done then I would recommend to get domain and hosting from the same company.

Get Your Domain and Hosting Here

Creating Your Website

Third Step

Creating our website is the next logical step to our success,and we need to keep the theme of our website very close Niche Affiliate Marketingrelated to our domain and an overall topic that We are going to cover within the pages,posts,and categories.For this purpose I will give You some tips and will show You how we must have our theme in terms of keywords related to our topic.

Well for this to be easy and it doesn’t require too much web design or web development We must choose a platform that has only a few steps to get our website up and running in minutes.

The platform which enables You to do that is WordPress which are the most trusted and very professional looking that doesn’t require You to be a web designer.Or  too technical to create a beautiful looking website.

What we must do is to first get rid of the default page/posts then We want to create at least 3 categories that are very close related to our website theme/topic.

Then get our site plugins,which are going to help us in creating a XML sitemap and some desired SEO as well, We want to have a website to get rid of spamming we will do this by installing a plugin and also some link cloak which is going to make our affiliate links pretty in the eyes of the so call crawlers and spiders.

The plugins

  • All in one SEO Pack
  • Google XML sitemap
  • pretty link lite
  • Akismet (anti-spam)
  • Si Captcha in order to comment need to submit captcha
  • Sociable for sharing on social profiles

Choose a clean template for Your website there’s no need to distract Your reader with banners or too many ads do the content speak for itself. and will stay longer if You prelude with headlines what You are about to talk about down below.

And if You want to create pages that are hidden from the spiders and crawlers,this for paid advertising or simply landing pages on Your site get the plugin  called Exclude pages from Navigation.

The next step to create is to create Your About Me,page, and a Privacy Policy page,which later Your Privacy policy page can be moved to the sidebar or Your website footer.

The About Me page there will need to be creative and tell a story about You and the experiences or skills that You know or any other specialties in the matter related to the theme/topic of Your website and there is where You will be putting Your affiliate links and other places You want them to go.

In studies, it has shown the right place to put Your about me page is on the left,usually, people when they read they tend to start from the left and that’s where will look on the top of Your pages on Your website should be.

Fourth Step

When creating Your content try to cover as much detail as possible and write at least 1,500 words per post or per page.

Use short sentences or use spacing,if You don’t use spacing Your article will look like a bunch of words clustered together and will send a red flag to the reader about the need to read lots on the article created.

Since We live in the era of Twitter and Instagram usually people tend to read smaller paragraphs it is why need to use spacing in Your article.

When using spaces usually makes the article look smaller and more appealing to the reader.

And also put some images to ease a number of words in the article and keep the images related to the article covered and do not overuse them at least 4 images per page/post.

And also don’t overuse Your affiliate links which in terms can sometimes hurt Your SEO.

Fifth Step

The next step to cover is going to help our website get index faster and better which will later will,be ranking and niche affiliate marketingrankings mean free traffic and traffic means followers and be trusted by the readers and followers,and ultimately will make Us tons of commissions.

If You already have a G-mail You also have a Google + page which We are going to use it to get an index,How simply try to share Your articles and pages with the same keyword used to write Your Pages/Posts and share them on Your Google Plus page.

And don’t forget to edit Your Google Plus profile and put Your website address in Your Google+ profile Which will help Google identify Your content and also help put a face to the content trough Your Google + profile and recognized You as the author of the content created on Your site.

and also in our social media profiles which will help us get some need it back links pointing back to Our website and thus improving and having a better way at ranking.the more natural back links pointing to Our website the better in terms of shooting straight to the top of the page in the search engines.

Basically, this is the same exact method I use when creating a website with more little things on the SEO part of the website.But for a starter it is fine.

One thing that I did not mention is internal links But by the time You are reading this I should have How to do some internal linking and some keyword research and also creating a website step by step.

Ok, not so I will say Internal links are an important step in Your websites SEO and also helps to get Your website crawled by the search engines spiders.

And the search engines love internal links so much that will actually help Your site’s ranking ability.And gives You the chance to redirect Your readers to content related to any keyword or phrase linked.Thus giving the audience more information within a single page/post.

After everything created this way Your last option is to verify Your site on Webmasters Tools/and submit Your sitemaps and get it rolling.But this step only take it when You already have a website with tons of content.You can say after a few months so Your sitemap can be submitted.

Hope You get tons of value from this and thank You 

You can always feel  free to comment and leave your thoughts and if have more to add to this article feel free to post it in the comment section Good comments and bad comments are welcome as this makes Me make more clear and precise decisions when writing more articles and thank You for the reader.

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